Thursday, June 30th, 2016

Upheaval Fanzine #13 (available now) 17 double sided 8 1/2″ X 11″  pages with 100% cut and paste black on white  layouts  and comes enclosed in a silk screened manila envelope (silkscreen US only). This issue includes interviews with Boston Punk Rock legend OPIE of Slimy Cunt and the Fist Fucks and Nothing But Enemies […]

Born of Thunder [MA], Spewtilator [GA], Vaettir [NH], Crippling Fear [MA] Check out their links below and get psyched! Born of Thunder – Spewtilator – Vaettir – Crippling Fear –

Hey dudes, Obscenity Cult is at it again and out for blood. We are gearing up to begin compiling bands for the next installation of the 7″ compilation series: Extreme Audio Gangbang. Extreme Audio Gangbang Vol. 02, like EAGB Vol.01, will contain four bands on one randomly colored 33rpm seven inch record. The last EAGB […]

An Obscenity Cult double shot of drunkenness! Come out if you’re in the area. Sin of Angles, Valdur (from California), Witchtomb, Gut Bucket, & Rampant Decay performing pagan rites of virginity on the alter of sexual sacrifice.