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Translated thanks to Google:

After more than a decade of demos and EPs, Americans throw Deathamphetamine “The Lost Album”, or whatever it is, their first full length.

For those who do not know, this trio of Boston practice a style that blends to perfection all the brutality of Metal (Thrash, Death) with the aggressiveness and speed of Punk more genuine.

The themes of “The Lost Album” are whirlwinds ends that go through your head at a rate ultrasonic mercilessly. Speed is one of the hallmarks of Deathamphetamine, not to mention a wide variety of guitar riffs (we can enjoy a perfect combination of clean chords, bass and sharp on this CD), in a loud voice and mostly torn in two variants (acute and severe), a battery with a devastating hit our ears incessant drilled without compassion and a bass that provides that degree of heaviness cojonuda required to complete this work.

Ten tracks of extreme brutality that you will enjoy as a child and leave you wanting more. That would be my summary of “The Lost Album”, an excellent work that you unleash on the most basic instincts.

Obscenity Cult (2012)

Rating: 9/10

Sergio Fernandez

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